Friday, April 5, 2013

Vilner Redoes Interior of Mercedes-Benz SL R230 From Top to Bottom

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In yet another Mercedes-Benz project, Bulgarian tuning house has put its hands on the interior of a previous generation SL roadster (codenamed R230). Vilner says it's one of the brand's "bravest projects", and it's not hard to see why in these pictures.
After consulting with the owner of the German sports car, the design house worked with five different materials that change the look and feel of the SL's cabin. These include the use of brown Nappa leather with an antique effect, crocodile leather and brown Alcantara, all sewed with a contrast stitching.
You will also find brown-grey floor mats, hand-painted plastic trims, a reshaped steering wheel, a new audio system with DLS speakers and amplifiers, and the addition of…lasers on the doors that project Vilner's logo on the ground when open. The exterior of the SL remains unchanged.



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