Sunday, April 7, 2013

BMW Describes New Concept X4 in Video, We Visually Compare it with X6

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The star of BMW’s booth at the upcomingShanghai Auto Show will no doubt be the Concept X4, a pre-production model that reveals how the brand’s second Sports Activity Coupe (SAC) will look like. As with the larger X6 model, BMW wanted to combine the high ground clearance and powerful aspect of an SUV with the dynamic lines and elegant roofline of a coupe.
How did BMW’s designers manage to combine these somewhat, contradicting requirements, we can see from the way the car looks. However, since this is a highly subjective exercise, let’s hear BMW’s Exterior Design boss, Domagoj Dukec, explain the way the Concept X4 took shape and what are its strengths and... strengths - remember, he works for BMW, so don't expect to hear about the car's weaknesses.
Nevertheless, as this is a democratic website, we are eager to hear your opinions on this matter as well. Do you think BMW managed to bring a breath of fresh air with the Concept X4 or is it simply a downsized X6 with slightly different details?
Remember that the X4 production model will look just like the concept (minus the flashy concept car bits) when it launches in early 2014.
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