Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ferrari Getto Design Study is Part Hypercar, Part Racing Simulator

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We all think we could be car designers and do a much better job than the actual people who do it for a living, and while there may be some good ideas scattered here and there, not all ideas aregreat.This imaginary Ferrari concept for 2025 is one of the better ideas, as it intends to incorporate elements of racing simulators into the construction of its frame and cockpit.
Called the Getto (it's Italian for "jet", we're told), it is the result of many late nights spent by designer Christophe Jourd'hui getting the design and functionality of the car just right and keeping things feasible and realistic, even with the technology we have in 2013.
The idea behind the car is the maximization of the sensation the driver gets when behind the wheel, through the use of a floating cockpit, which is sustained by chassis cross members from above, as well as jacks mounted in key points on the structure underneath it.
That's currently all we know of the technical side, but we expect more to be revealed when the full version of the video posted below is released – the one Jourd'hui sent us is more of a teaser/trailer. Looking at the car, we can see that it bears a strong resemblance to quite a few classic Ferraris, but at the same time, it is just as fresh and as modern as the LaFerrari - with the added appeal of the fancy hydraulics system and the associated bragging rights.
If this car were ever made in any shape or form similar to this, keeping the idea of the separate cockpit, and also using the system to dramatically improve the quality of the ride, as we assume the systems would be fully-adjustable, with a number of parameters available for user customization and tailoring for varying degrees of road harshness. We like this idea, and would like to see it expanded and detailed further.

By Andrei Nedelea
Designer: Christophe Jourd'hui





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