Monday, April 1, 2013

Renault's New Zoe Electric Hatch Video Reviewed

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The two main downsides of buying and owning anelectric vehicle are still the high acquisition cost and limited range, and while the Renault Zoe is not a perfect car, it at least crosses one of those negatives off the list. We are talking about the price, which, at least in the UK, is very reasonable, and after factoring in the hefty government rebate, the all-electric Zoe is yours from £13,650 (€16,040).
One of the first video test drives that we currently know of was done by UK-based Honest-John, who has tried out the little French EV, and his verdict is rather encouraging.
The Zoe makes sense for many reasons: it's relatively inexpensive, it is decently quick with 87hp and 220 Nm, roomy inside, with enough space for five, it has a big boot and it also looks particularly smart, especially in black.
It looks funky enough to feel new and modern, but it isn't too futuristic, as that would ward away the more conservative of buyers. It also comes decently equipped from the get-go, and there are three levels of trim to choose from (Expression, Dynamique Zen and Dynamique Intens).
If you look at the Renault Zoe with a strictly logical and cost-calculating eye, then it will not really make sense, as it needs an optional charger for you to charge the car at home (that costs extra), while the monthly battery lease fee of £70 in the UK means running costs are comparable to those of the regular Clio diesel.
Check out the full review below, and give us your thoughts on the Renault Zoe's chance of achieving sales success.
By Andrei Nedelea



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