Friday, April 5, 2013

Nissan Compares 2014 GT-R Against 370Z Coupe and Infiniti FX on the Snow

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That the GT-R is a high-performance sports caryou can potentially use all year round and in a variety of weather conditions (just as long as you can afford the upkeep…), is a well-known and accepted fact, but how good is it really in snow and how does it compare to other vehicles?Well, that's a question that would be better answered by someone not related to the company itself for apparent reasons, but that doesn’t mean we're not interested in what Nissan has to say about it in a new video it has released.
In it, the Japanese carmaker took the latest iteration of the GT-R (2013 for Europe and2014MY for North America) to the Nissan testing ground in Hokkaido, Japan, and the Dunlop tire test course, and compared it against the 370Z and the Infiniti FX AWD.
GT-R Project Chief Kazautoshi Mizuno, explains:
"I want to show you how GT-R performs on snow-covered roads, which is the key essence of Multi Performance. I will explain how the four tires always grip the surface of the snow, how the car controls the stud-less tires produce maximum gripping power. This is very important under snowy road conditions. We thought it may be difficult to understand with just the GT-R, so we brought two cars for comparison, the 370Z, atypical 2-wheel drive with low center of gravity with relatively good maneuverability in the snow, and the Infiniti FX, an SUV with a sporty feel with great maneuverability on snowy roads."
He continues: "We will take this sporty 4-wheel drive SUV, the FX, and the 370Z, the 2-wheel drive with a low center of gravity, and GT-R on the Nissan Hokkaido Proving Ground and on Dunlop's tire test course. In these two locations we will introduce to you what Multi Performance is all about."
We've sped the video to the mark where Mizuno talks about the tests, but you can rewind and watch it from the beginning if you have some extra time.





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