Thursday, April 11, 2013

Qoros Brand to Make China Debut at Shanghai Motor Show

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For most people, the name Qoros remains an unknown quantity - for now. After the brand introduced itself with the classic phrase "Hi, I'm Qoros and I'm an automaker," at the Geneva Motor Show earlier in the year, it's now time for the other important market their cars are aimed at to get a closer look – China. Qoros will be making its official China debut at the Shanghai International Auto Show, on 20 April.
Apparently, the firm "received widespread acclaim from its European counterparts, the public and major international media thanks to its unique business model, international management team and European -standards of design, quality and engineering." They are basically saying that they were very well-received when the Geneva debut was made, and because of that, they aren't changing the formula for the Chinese venue, so as not to negatively affect the all-important first impression.
The main highlight of their stand will be their first production-ready model, the 3 Sedan, which will first go on sale in China in the second half of 2013, while the European version will follow "later in the year."
The other two vehicles they're bringing are what you'd call production-ready (by the looks of things), despite the fact that they are labeled as concepts: the 3 Cross Hybrid Concept and the 3 Estate Concept, which are self-explanatory.
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