Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Auto Shop Spends €10,000 and 30 Days to Build a Dacia Logan Coupe with Bits from Hyundai Coupe

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Three years ago, Romanian auto repair shopAutoK9 built a convertible version of the Dacia Logan. It was a one-off prototype aimed at demonstrating the workshop’s technical abilities. Now they did it again, only this time they built a coupe version of Dacia's first-generation budget sedan.
To convert the Logan into a coupe in a fast and cost-effective way, AutoK9 added the roof and doors from a Hyundai Coupe on a regular Logan bodywork and chassis. After integrating the Korean parts, the folks from the repair shop fitted sport seats and steering wheel, as well as a lowered suspension and a noisier exhaust.
There are no door handles, as the car has been fitted with remote-controlled doors and boot. Other exterior modifications are the custom bumpers and sills, smoked headlights with LEDs, a sunroof and double exhausts on each side of the rear bumper.
The engine has not been tuned, with the Logan Coupe having to settle for the standard 1.4-liter 4-cylinder unit that develops 75 horsepower. AutoK9 says the project cost them €10,000 ($12,840) and was completed in a month. Follow the jump to watch a video of the car featured in a Romanian television news program with a…very, very tall female host.
By Dan Mihalascu
Story References: Autok9 Pro TV




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