Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bugatti Teaser of "Latest Example of Exceptional Performance" Shows Absolutely Nothing

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Bugatti has just released a "teaser" for an upcoming model, but we have absolutely no clue as to what it will be. That is down, in part, to them deliberately being ambiguous with the information they share, and in part to the fact that, the teaser they showed features a set of blue hangar doors, with light protruding through the gap – that's all. So, what is it?
The rumored replacement for the ageing Veyron, or another variant of the current car, but with more power, designed to take back the crown as world's fastest car?
Now, when we say ambiguous, we really mean it, because all they were willing to share was that "it's almost time" to reveal their "latest example of exceptional Bugatti performance" – whatever that means. If it is the 460 km/h (288 mph) all-new Veyron with around 1,600 hp, we are extremely eager to see what they have come up with, but if it's another over-the-top paint job and subtle makeover for the present-day model, the interest level goes down considerably. Sure, it will undoubtedly be cool and may even get more power, but it's still the same shape we've been used to since 2005.
Bugatti is expected to reveal more within the next few days, so keep a close eye on the site, because we'll be posting new information on this as soon as we get our hands on it.
By Andrei Nedelea




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