Thursday, April 11, 2013

Designer Envisions a Ferrari 458 Italia Replacement with New FT12 Concept

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Automotive designers, be that professional or amateur, tend to be a restless breed of people, always thinking of the next project. It comes with the territory, of course.After sharing his vision for a next generation Ferrari Spider model with a concept featuring a two-seat layout and a mid-mounted engine, Aldo Schurmann returns this year with a fresh design study for a Ferrari 458 replacement that he has named the F12T.
Schurmann opted to follow a different styling path for the F12T, some details of which may or may not remind you of other sports- and super-cars from German or German-owned Italian firms, and perhaps even British brands (yes, we're talking about Lotus).
It's just a thought, but perhaps the hard-top and the front end design of the FT12 would go better with the body and rear-end quarters of Schurmann's previous Ferrari study, the Spider.
Designer & Photo Credits: Aldo Schurmann 




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