Saturday, April 6, 2013

Lincoln May Re-Launch 2013 MKZ After Embarrassing Production Delays

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The Lincoln MKZ launch fiasco has prompted Ford to consider a re-launch of its luxury mid-size sedan, as production of the Ford Fusion-based car is finally nearing normal levels.
Ford is now analyzing how big of a re-launch is needed to make potential buyers once again aware of its new model. Ford decided to curb production of the MKZ just as the first units began reaching dealerships late last year, fearing that the new Lincoln could be affected by the same quality issues as the 2013 Ford Fusion sedan and Escape crossover.
However, by the time production was stopped, Ford had already launched a massive nationwide advertising campaign for the MKZ. The production-stop left dealerships without any cars for potential buyers to put their hands on, and now Ford desperately wants to fix this.
“We’re studying our options,” Ford marketing Chief Jim Farley told The Detroit Bureau. Options could include a major re-launch of the MKZ, adding to the tens of millions of dollars already spent on promoting the car (the two Super Bowl commercials alone reportedly cost Lincoln more than $6 million).
Ford has re-inspected in Detroit every Lincoln MKZ produced at its Mexican assembly line in order to discover defects like those that affected the launches of the Fusion and Escape – both recalled for issues including faulty fuel lines that could trigger a fire.
Farley said the back-up inspection program is no longer necessary. Around 3,000 MKZs are currently on their way to dealerships, with production reaching 200 units a day. The only thing left for Ford to do now (besides spending a lot of money to bring back the MKZ into the public's attention) is to hope potential buyers haven’t forgotten about the MKZ - or even worse, that they haven’t already bought a new car from a competitor…
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