Monday, April 8, 2013

New Renault Twin’Z is an All-Electric RWD Concept that Previews Next Twingo [75 Photos]

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Renault teased us earlier last month with a few teaser images of a new concept car created in collaboration with British designer Ross Lovegrove – and here it is, in its city car glory: the new Twin'Z study that will eventually lead to the French brand's replacement for the Twingo.If the shape and styling of the Twin'Z look familiar, it's because a sportier version of the same concept in a three-door body-style with a rowdy internal combustion engine named eitherTwin-Fun or Twin-Run was pictured and filmed in Spain less than two weeks ago.
According to Renault, the Twin'Z, "takes its inspiration as much from the heritage of the first-generation Twingo as it does from that of the Renault 5, two small cars which broke new ground in ways that truly marked their time".
Besides the addition of suicide-style, rear doors and the aesthetic modifications by Ross Lovegrove’s team, which include finishing details to Twin’Z’s bodywork (bumpers, lights, grilles, LED roof, wheels) and the choice of colors and materials inside, the other major difference between the Twin'z and the Twin-Fun / Twin-Run concepts is that the former is battery-powered.
The Twin'Z is fitted with a rear-mounted electric engine delivering 67hp (50kW / 68PS), powered by four lithium-ion battery packs spaced under the floor and driving the rear wheels through a single speed transmission.
The platform architecture of the Twin'Z and subsequently the production Twingo, is being co-developed in conjunction with Mercedes-Benz's Smart division, which will use it on the next ForTwo city car and ForFour supermini.
At 3,627mm long, 1,705mm wide and 1,506mm tall, the Twin'Z is only slightly bigger than the current Twingo, bit it does ride on a much longer wheelbase at 2,495mm compared to the latter's 2,365mm.
Through the use of light materials, Renault says it has kept the weight down to 980kg (2,160 lbs), which is only slightly less than the current Twingo, but keep in mind this is a battery powered model.
The third generation of the Twingo should arrive towards the end of next year.




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