Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Citroën C4 Picasso Shows its Technospace Face and Futuristic Interior in New Official Photos

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Following various sets of spy photos and guest appearances in promo videos, Citroën's all-new C4 Picasso finally shows its undisguised face and interior in leaked official images, which confirm that the controversial front end design of the Technospace concept car will be carried out virtually unchanged in the production car.
We also get to see the interior of the C4 Picasso, which is also very much the same as the Geneva study. The digital instrument cluster sits in the middle of the dashboard, above the center console, accompanied by the multimedia system’s display and the climate control switches.
The multifunctional steering wheel with a massive center part is very similar with the one on the concept. The car pictured has a two-tone color scheme on the dashboard and on the seats. In a second interior photo, we also get to see that the new C4 Picasso has three individual, second row seats.
The Citroën Technospace concept (and, therefore, the upcoming C4 Picasso) is 4,430 mm long, 1,830 mm wide and 1,610 mm high, which makes it 40 mm shorter in length and 50 mm in height over the current C4 Picasso. However, it has a 55 mm longer wheelbase at 2,783 mm. Citroën said it would also introduce a longer, seven-seater replacement to the Grand Picasso.
Citroën remains tight-lipped about the C4 Picasso’s range of engines, but expect similar units as those in the C4 hatchback.
By Dan Mihalascu




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