Saturday, March 2, 2013

Bugatti Presents a Trio of Special Edition Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Supercars at Dubai Show

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While the coupe version of Bugatti's Veyron series has been sold out, the VW Group-owned supercar maker still has the open-top Grand Sport model up for sale.In fact, Bugatti says that from the 150 units planned for production, it has delivered 45 Grand Sports to date, which leaves us with 105 more cars if you do the math.
For those that prefer to have Bugatti's design and engineering teams tick all the options and choose what colors and materials should be used for the mighty supercar, the Molsheim-based manufacturer brought three bespoke examples of the Grand Sport to this week's Dubai International Motor Show.
The first special Grand Sport is finished in a bright yellow body with the car's underside trimmed in visible black carbon, including the black-tinted wheels. The same color theme continues inside with the seats finished in yellow-colored leather with black stitching. This example is priced at €1.58 million or US$2.15 million.
The next individualized Grand Sport gets a horizontal color split comprising of visible blue carbon, framed in polished anodised aluminium, and which also appears on the rims and the grille. The interior is trimmed in tangerine leather throughout, with the door panels, dashboard, steering wheel and console covered in dark blue Indigo leather or exposed blue carbon fibre. Those interested will have to pay Bugatti €1.74 million or US$2.42 million for the car.
The third and final customized Grand Sport appearing in Dubai is dressed in green carbon fibre tone and polished aluminium. Inside, the special edition model gets a matching green and silver treatment. It is priced at €1.74 million or US$2.42 million.



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