Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Alfa Romeo 4C Gets 236HP, First Image of the Interior Revealed

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As the clock is ticking towards the March 5 opening of the 83rd Geneva Auto Show, Alfa Romeo released a new batch of images of its 4Ccoupe, among them the first official shot of the interior, and, finally, the engine's output.In its latest press release the Italian carmaker, which has already shown us the production version of the mid-engined sports car, announced that the 1,750 cc (1.75-liter) turbocharged aluminum four-cylinder mill that drives the rear wheels via a TCT dual-clutch gearbox puts out 236HP (240PS), confirming our earlier report.
The production 4C looks as dramatic as the concept, is very compact at less than 4 meters long and, a rarity for this class, be built around a carbon fiber monocoque.
Moreover, the DNA selector that changes steering, gearbox, throttle and DSC settings will get a fourth, more aggressive mode labeled “Race”.

By Andrew Tsaousis




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