Friday, March 22, 2013

Trans Am Depot's Hurst Edition Pleases Teen Girls and Road Workers Alike in New Ad

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The much-loved Pontiac Trans Am represents a unique page in American automotive history, and for those modern-day car buyers who are looking for the same styling cues in an up-to-date vehicle, Trans Am Depot has the answer.
They have been building a variety of Camaro-based Trans Am-inspired vehicles, and their latest offering is the Hurst Edition, which is featured in this official promo video.
You can tell that Trans Am Depot made the ad and you will not mistake this for a GM spot forthe Camaro, that's for sure. The body modifications are not subtle, and while those who know will immediately tell what it is, make no mistake, it will turn many heads (including those of road workers, as the car passes driven by hot teenage girls – we say this, because it's in the ad).
The car features Smokey and the Bandit-inspired gold retro design rims and the trademark Shaker hood. Special engraved sill plates, carbon fiber trim, Hurst-emblazoned headrests and mats, a Hurst shifter, as well as a T-top roof complete the list of visual mods, which turn an ordinary Camaro into a car that you simply cannot miss.
Thankfully, the Trans Am also gets enough go to match its show, and buyers can choose from various engine upgrades (supercharger kits and twin-turbo options are available), which can push the power output to over 600-horses.
By Andrei Nedelea



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