Friday, March 29, 2013

After Pikes Peak and the Andros Trophy, Dacia Tries Sweden's Touring Car Championship

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Dacia has been one of the most stably growing automakers in Europe in recent years, and in 2012, they managed to sell 360,000 cars around the world. Along the line, they decided to add a bit of zest to the Dacia name, and ended up witha monster Duster which raced at Pikes Peak, andanother Duster, specially-designed to be driven on ice, which competed in the Andros Trophy.
Now, they're moving into the Scandinavian (formerly Swedish) Touring Car Championship, most frequently called STCC.
However, they have not used the company's only crossover as a base this time, opting instead to use the new Logan sedan. It is the first incursion made by Dacia into the realm of asphalt racing, and the northern European championship will pit it against cars like the Chevy Cruze, VW Scirocco, Honda Civic, BMW 320i and even an old Alfa Romeo 156.
The touring-Logan is gets its motivation from a V6 engine, and sends all of its 400+ hp to the rear wheels via a six-speed sequential gearbox. Performance should be good, because with its unusually low stance, and weight of 1,100 kilos (2425 pounds), and that high horsepower rating, the numbers look good.
The blue Logan is now set to go into the wind tunnel for further tuning, and then it will be further tested, before debuting in the 2013 season on 3-4 May, at the Knutstorp track. The final race of the year will take place on 21 September, and it is the last of eight races.
We are very eager to see this thing in motion, because it looks very purposeful and should prove enjoyable to watch. It also reminds us of a WRC version of the first Dacia Logan, called the S2000. However, that project never got off the ground and all we are left with are low quality videos from 2004.
By Andrei Nedelea


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