Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Merdad Converts New 2013 Range Rover into the Two-Door Highland GTC

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After successfully completing its Porsche Cayenne 902 Coupe project and offering it for sale in 2010, UK-based coachbuilder and tuning firm Merdad Collection has now gone ahead and prepared the same two-door treatment for the latest generation of Land Rover's Range Rover luxury SUV.
Previewed in these images, the two-door version of the SUV is named the Range Rover Highland GTC. It ditches the regular model's rear doors and gains elongated front doors, as well as new alloys and a wide-body aero package that adds 92mm (3.62 inches) to the car's overall width, and includes wheel arch extensions, side skirts, new hood, roof spoiler and full carbon rear bumper, diffuser and tailpipe deflectors.
Merdad says it also performs a complete overhaul of the interior, and upgrades the suspension with a new electronic module that brings the SUV 40mm (1.6-inches) closer to the ground.
The British coachbuilder says it plans to offer the Range Rover Highland GTC coupe in four flavors with outputs ranging from 510hp to 700hp (517PS to 710PS) and prices from $209,000 (€163,000) to $485,000 (€377,000).
"Our involvement in the Porsche Cayenne Coupe project gave us invaluable knowledge through research and development, which we are now applying to the Range Rover Highland GTC, to deliver a perfect supercar, inside and out," said Merdad in a statement.
Aside from the coupe model, the exterior and interior improvements will also be available for the standard five-door version of the 2013 / 2014 Range Rover.
1- Range Rove 3.0 Litre: $209,000
2- HSE 4.4 Litre: $228,000
3- Supercharged 5.0L: $239,000
4- 700 GTC Range Rover Coupe Racing 4 Seater: $485.000




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