Friday, March 29, 2013

Nissan NV200 Mobility Taxi Shows It Is Wheelchair-Friendly at NY Show

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It seems that Nissan is trying to place itself in the background of two of the most iconic postcards one can hope of ever sending: from New York, and London. They want to replace the familiar shape of cabs in the two cities with theirNV200, which has been modified and fitted outlike a taxi.
Now, on the occasion of the 2013 New York International Motor Show, they are showing that their "Mobility Taxi" is also engineered with care for the disabled, hence it has a folding ramp in the back, for easy wheelchair access.
While you may think this is nothing to write home about, Nissan would be quick to contradict you, and commence a lengthy explanation of how the ramp works and why they think it's so great. For starters, it is placed at the back of the NV200, which means passing traffic should not be a problem, and it is actually stowed underneath the last row of seats. The seats lift and fold away, and the ramp can then be raised.
As a person in a wheelchair is traveling in the back, the ramp remains in an upright position, and the chair itself is strapped in with a few hooks – the wheelchair passenger also gets his or her own seat belt, which works because it is strapped in tightly.
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