Thursday, March 21, 2013

Jaguar F Type Information and Review

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Jaguar f type

Jaguar f type is a sports car. Jaguar f type is a two seat sports car. Jaguar f type is convertible car. This car is manufactured by Jaguar cars in 2013. This car lunch in mid of 2013. Jaguar f type is present in 2012 Paris Motor Show. Jaguar f type is a same as Porche 911 car. Jaguar f type has 8 - speed automatic transmission. Jaguar f type is designed by lan Callum.

jaguar f type front view
Jaguar f type Specifications :-

Jaguar f type Engine :-

3.0 L and 5.0 L Petrol engine

Jaguar f type Power :-

3.0 L Engine produce 335 hp and 450 N-m torque at 3,500 - 5,000 rpm

5.0 L Engine produce 488 hp and 625 N-m torque at 2,500 to 5,500 rpm

jaguar f type in red
Jaguar f type dimensation :-

Wheelbase :- 2,622 mm
Length :- 4,470 mm
Width :- 1,923 mm
 Height :- 1,308 mm
Weight :- 1597 kg

Jaguar f type Price :-

Rs 1 crore onwards  
jaguar f type at auto show

jaguar f type on road

jaguar f type at auto show

jaguar f type interior

Jaguar F Type Video :-

 Jaguar F-type - official launch film video

Exclusive: Jaguar F-Type on the road Video


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