Wednesday, March 27, 2013

2014 Honda Odyssey Mildly Revised, Gains…Built-In Vacuum Cleaner

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As it has become apparent in recent years, it is extremely difficult for automakers to come up with something new and fresh to woo buyers their way. Honda seems to think it has a pretty good idea with what it's calling the HondaVac – an in-built vacuum cleaner that can be specified on the 2014Odyssey, which has just been revealed ahead of the 2013 New York Auto Show.
The main talking point is not the subtly refreshed exterior styling (like the new grille, taillights and revised bumpers) or the improved safety features, nor is it the updated interior (new finishes and an all-new center stack).
It is, predictably, the HondaVac, which only comes fitted to the Odyssey Touring Elite top-spec model. The latter also gets Forward Collision Warning, Lane Departure Warning, adding to the push-button start and Hondalink infotainment system (with 7-inch screen) which the minivan comes with as standard.
The vacuum cleaner has a hose just big enough to reach throughout the cabin, and it can run for up to 8 minutes after the engine is turned off or indefinitely until the car runs out of gas. Honda fails to mention if the 2014 Odyssey gets any updates under the bonnet, but we suspect that the 3.5-liter V6, with 248 hp, has made the model-year transition with minimal changes.
It can also apparently read aloud your SMS messages while you're driving. That can only mean one thing – minivan drivers have no dark secrets that could be revealed through text messages, much to the amusement or horror of the passenger(s).
By Andrei Nedelea




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