Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hamann's Range Rover-Based Mystere is Your Chrome Pink Ticket to Pimp-Land

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This is easily one of the most eye-catching vehicles shown at the 2013 Geneva International Motor ShowGerman tuning firm Hamann really wanted to attract some attention, and they have succeeded with their new Range Rover-based Mystere.What it is, basically, is the new Range Rover, with a special body kit and rims, wrapped in pink-chrome wrap. With such a finish, the fact that the front fenders, bumpers and sills are custom-made pieces by Hamman does not really matter.
Nobody will notice the 80 mm wider stance, and the 40 mm lower suspension, simply because of the chrome wrap. It also comes with a choice of two different wheel designs (Edition Race or Unique Forged), both of which are 23-inch and thoroughly complete the decadent overall look of the vehicle.
We won't be petty and call it ugly or garish, as it is a matter of taste, but let's just say this pimped out Range Rover won't be to everybody's liking. Perhaps if they had done a more conventional finish on the body, it would not have attracted the attention that it did, so from a marketing point of view, at least, the Hamann Mystere is a success.
Besides, if you're really interested having them personalize your newly-acquired Range, they will finish the body in a color of your choice – you are paying, after all... Check it out in the video linked below, courtesy of Shmee150.

By Andrei Nedelea





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