Friday, March 15, 2013

2014 Volvo V40 Gains Updated Engine Lineup, More AWD Offers for Cross Country

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Volvo has introduced the 2014 model year V40 in Europe, with the most important news being the addition of another AWD version in the Cross Country range, further CO2 reductions across the lineup and a new optional Sensus Connected Touch system.
Beginning from May 2013, the 180PS (178hp) T4 will be the second model in the V40 Cross Country's range to be offered with all-wheel drive, joining the 254PS (251hp) T5.
The diesel powered V40 D2 and V40 R-Design D2are now available with an automatic gearbox, with which they return CO2 emissions of 102g/km and a combined fuel economy of 3.9lt/100km (72.4mpg UK / 60.3mpg US).
Also, the same models with a manual gearbox now come with reduced CO2 emissions, down from 94g/km to 88g/km (EU Combined), which translates into a fuel consumption improvement of 4.6mpg UK, to 83.1mpg UK (69.2mpg US) or 3.4lt/100km.
In the case of the V40 Cross Country with the D2 engine, CO2 emissions are 99g/km with an average fuel economy of 74.3mpg UK (61.9mpg US) or 3.8lt/100km.
"By continuously cutting CO2 emissions, we demonstrate our leading position within fuel efficiency improvements," says Doug Speck, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Sales and Customer Service at Volvo Car Group.
For the 2014 model year, the V40 and V40 R-Design are also offered with a new variant of the 1.6-liter four-cylinder direct-injected petrol engine rated for 120PS (118hp) and 240Nm (128 lb-ft), which returns a combined fuel economy of 53.3mpg UK (44.4mpg US or 5.3 lt/100km) with CO2 emissions of 124g/km.
Finally, Volvo has presented a new Sensus Connected Touch infotainment system that comes with a 7-inch display, which it says, can be used even when wearing gloves, and allows the user to have access to full Internet browsing (except when driving. Other services include internet radio, internet streaming of music, on-line Google Map and Search, Embedded Connected 3D navigation with online traffic info and dangerous zone warnings, voice-activated Spotify and more.
"The voice-activated Spotify is a unique, new feature. You can find the track you want just by saying its name. The voice-activated system works on all music sources connected to the Sensus Connected Touch," explained Doug Speck.




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