Saturday, March 9, 2013

LaFerrari Visualizer Goes Online, Ferrari Receives Double the Requests Than the Cars it Will Build

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La…name might sound like a crude joke to most people who will never have the chance to see, let alone drive or own the car, but for those select few in this world who can Lafford it, the LaFerrari is no Laughing matter.
In fact, Ferrari told us (not personally, via a press release, of course, of course) that it has received more than twice the number of requests for the LaFerrari than the cars it will actually build, and which will be strictly limited to 499 examples.
For the 500 or so mega-spenders who will be denied by Ferrari as well as the numerous fans of the car, Maranello has prepared a simple online visualizer showing the 950HP (963PS) V12 hybrid supercar in three different colors.
You're not really missing anything, but if you insist, you can find the configurator here.




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