Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Flat Black 1963 Buick Riviera Customized by Fesler Just Exudes Menace

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It's really hard to innovate in the world ofmodified muscle cars, and while you can get a great result if you opt for the right model and modifications, chances are somebody has already done it bigger and better. This 1963 Buick Riviera, however, is unique, as is its story.
Apparently, the car was custom made for the CEO of the Ronin Syndicate toy manufacturing business, Tony Diaz. He was looking for something menacing for his daily prowl, and the long and low stance of the Riviera, coupled with the special wheels, flat black paint and subtle details really get the job done.
The car was modified by Fesler, which left no part untouched. First off, the coupe model features an LS-1 Corvette engine, which is coupled to an automatic gearbox. Power and performance figures have not been released, but unless it has loads of it, chances are this will not be the best car to drive around a corner when you are in a hurry.
On the outside, aside from the striking body finish and 20-inch Fesler FS-903 deep-dish wheels, the car also gets custom vertical headlights, as well as modern-looking LED strips at the back, in place of the car's conventional rear lights – the car is clearly a modified vehicle, but it's not immediately obvious what has been done to it, which in our book makes it a successful and understated job.
Inside, the Riviera gets a completely revised interior, which bears little resemblance to the original car. There are new panels, dials and pedals, while the seats are also new, finished in leather and Alcantara. It also has air conditioning, power steering, electric windows, alarm and a powerful 3,000 W Kicker audio setup.
By Andrei Nedelea
Story References: Fesler via Firstsupercars
Hat tip to Amina B. for the story!




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