Monday, March 18, 2013

An American Paid $104,000 for Chopped Fiat 500 Tender2 by Castagna Milano

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Have you ever wanted a Fiat 500, which was modified by a renowned Italian coach builder specifically for beach use, complete with a shower, champagne cooler and yacht-like wood veneer? If the answer is no, then shame on you for not thinking outside the box, and if the answer was yes, well, just keep on reading.
Castagna Milano is the company responsible for the creation of the unique 500 Tender2. It was revealed back in 2008, and now it gets some minor updates (touchscreens and new lick of paint).
It is actually the first car they have exported to the US in almost sixty years. Back in the day, they used to send custom Alfa Romeos, Fiats and MGs over to the States, but apparently, this Fiat 500 is their first US delivery since the year 1953.
However, being a one-off custom, this 500 is rather expensive, and the car's new owner, American Bert Dewik reportedly paid $104,000 (€80,000) for it. It is the result of over 2,000 hours of work, which rid it of its doors that were replaced with narrow wood decks on each side, added two touchscreen units (one for the driver, one for the passenger), as well as a fridge and a shower in the back.
It also has an electrically-operated ladder in the rear, to make access for kids just a little bit easier. A bespoke luggage set and the promise that there will be nothing like it on the road (or beach) really seals the deal for this most expensive of Fiat 500s.
The fact that it was bought by a US customer really says a lot about the little Fiat's growing popularity – if someone is willing to pay this much to have a truly unique 500 on their driveway, it just goes to show that Fiat did succeed with its US marketing strategy.
By Andrei Nedelea
Story References: Autoedizione 




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