Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hot Wheels Elite's Limited Edition K.I.T.T. Rolls Out Just in Time for the Holiday Season

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One of the most popular icons of the decade that brought us big hairdos and even bigger shoulder pads was K.I.T.T., short for "Knight Industries Two Thousand".It was the car of Michael Knight, played by Germany's favorite son, David Hasselhoff, in the original action-adventure television series, 'Knight Rider'. K.I.T.T. was a blacked out, heavily customized and highly intelligent version [pun intended] of the 1982 Pontiac Trans-Am.
Now, some 26 years after the series ended, Mattel's Hot Wheels Elite brand, which is devoted to replica car collectors and motor enthusiasts having released among other scale models the1966 Batmobile, is launching a 1:18 scale version of K.I.T.T..
The company said the car model will be produced in a limited run of "no more than 10,000 pieces" and is set to go on sale within the next few weeks, if not days, with pricing to be announced.
These first pictures reveal that the K.I.T.T. will come with fully working doors, hood, hatch, T-Tops, and pop up headlamps. The only thing missing seems to be a 1/18 scale replica of the 'Hoff'…





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