Thursday, February 28, 2013

McLaren Ahoy! MP4-12C Arrives in North America, Priced at a Measly…$229,000

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We'd tell you to get your bank accounts ready if we didn’t know better, because at $229,000, not including a $2,400 destination and port processing fee, we somehow doubt you can afford the new McLaren MP4-12C without selling your house.The British automaker not only informed us that deliveries of the MP4-12C "are now underway to customers in North America and Canada" (apparently, Canada split off the continent and nobody took notice) but the company also released a video of the first supercars driving off the cargo vessel Taisko in Baltimore, MD.
"This film is exciting as it represents the arrival of McLaren Automotive in North America," said Tony Joseph, McLaren Automotive North America Regional Director. "We are thrilled to be launching with the 12C, which is such a tremendously innovative car, and we look forward to building a long term future."
The MP4-12C is motivated by a 3.8-liter twin turbocharged V8 churning out 592hp and 600Nm (442.5 ln-ft) of peak torque for a zero to 60mph sprint time of in 3.2 seconds (3.0 seconds if fitted with the optional Pirelli PZero Corsa tires).
Currently, McLaren Automotive has opened 10 dealerships throughout North America, including nine in the United States: McLaren Greenwich, McLaren Philadelphia, McLaren Tampa, The Collection McLaren (Miami), McLaren Dallas, McLaren Chicago, McLaren Newport Beach, McLaren San Francisco, and McLaren Beverly Hills, and one in Canada - McLaren Toronto.



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