Thursday, February 28, 2013

Smart to Display Brabus Electric Drive at the Geneva Motor Show

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Normally, the name Brabus is associated withhigh-powered Mercedes cars that can smoke their tires with a stroke of the pedal. Even when Brabus got its hands on the Smart ForTwo, the purpose was to turn the diminutive two-seater into a pocket-rocket.
Yet the latest model bearing the Brabus moniker will emit no smoke whatsoever. Certainly not from its tires and not from its exhaust pipe either. This is because the Brabus electric drive is based on the all-electric, zero emissions version of the ForTwo.
"The smart BRABUS electric drive is our sports car with a green heart", says Smart boss Annette Winkler. "Electric driving in the city is more fun than ever with this 2.69 metre short bundle of power."
The Brabus electric drive is powered by a slightly more powerful electric motor (+ 5kW or 7hp over to the standard model) producing 80hp (60kW) and 135Nm (100 lb-ft) of torque. The car also comes with a sound module that is said to generate a sporty sound.
On the outside, the 'electric' green finish on the Tridion safety cell and the door mirror caps accentuate the black body, while the car also sports smoked headlights, 16-inch front and 17-inch rear Brabus “Monoblock VII” alloys, a front spoiler and a rear apron insert.
Inside, you'll find that the instrument panel, gearlever surround, door handles and speaker surrounds are painted in electric green color, while Brabus Xclusive accessories, like the black leather seats, stainless steel sports pedals and handbrake lever complete the sporty look.
The new Smart Brabus electric drive will be available from the end of the year in select markets.



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