Thursday, February 28, 2013

Confirmed: Nissan will Offer New GT-R Track Pack in Left-Hand Drive Markets, but Not Yet in the U.S.

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Many of you might remember that one of the most important changes to the new model year Nissan GT-R (sold as a 2013MY in North America, and a 2012MY in Europe and other parts of the world) was the addition of a new, street-legal track-focused edition named Track Pack.
At the time, Nissan told us that the GT-R Track Pack would be available exclusively for right-hand drive models in Japan, the United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa, with sales starting this month.
Either Nissan changed its mind or the company was holding back on us because we learned that the GT-R Track Pack will be available on left-hand drive cars as well with production to begin in May.
"The vehicle will be available on Left hand drive version from May production," Christophe Amblard, a product manager for Nissan Europe, toldCarscoop. "It will be available for the same markets as in the GT-R is sold currently except for Russia and Ukraine," he added.
Does that mean that it will be coming to the U.S. as well? The answer is, unfortunately, no, at least for now. "The Track Pack is not offered in the U.S. for the 2013 model year," Dan Bedore, a Nissan Americas spokesperson, told Carscoop. Of course, one could read Nissan's response as 'it's not coming in 2012, but we don't know/can't say about next year'.
To refresh your memory, the special edition GT-R Track Pack is aimed at drivers that want a more responsive setup.
For starters, it features a two-seat layout to reduce the car's weight. Some of the goods found in the Track Pack include a re-tuned suspension, extra brake cooling (front and rear), and lightweight Rays alloy wheels sourced from the Spec-V.
It also gets a new front spoiler with a carbon air duct and a pair of Recaro front seats with blue bolsters and a ‘Track Pack’ emblem on the center console.
Power continues to come from the same 545-horsepower (550PS in Europe) twin-turbo V6.




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