Sunday, February 24, 2013

Herbie Goes to Spain with a Special Edition Version of New Volkswagen Beetle

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Special or limited editions are a speedy and cost efficient way for automakers to create some marketing buzz around one of their models and increase sales. More often than not, all it takes is a few cosmetic touches and added equipment features, and presto; your special edition is served.One such example is the new Volkswagen BeetleEdition 53, a special edition model made exclusively for Spain that pays tribute to Walt Disney Pictures' "Herbie" character, which first appeared on film in 1968 with "The Love Bug" that spawned several sequels over the years.
VW's real life Herbie gets a white paint job accentuated by red and blue stripes on the doors, the hood and the rear tailgate along with the number "53" on the bonnet and the "Escarabajo" (Spanish for Beetle) logo on the tailgate.
Additional standard features include Park Pilot parking assist sensor, a tire pressure monitor and 17-inch wheels.
Customers in Spain can choose from four powertrain options ranging from the 105PS 1.2-liter TSI petrol to the 140PS 2.0-liter TDI linked to a 6-speed DSG transmission, with prices starting from €22,090 (US$28,400).
Story References: VW via es.Autbolog

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