Wednesday, February 27, 2013

First Examples of Nissan's Edgier GT-R Track Pack Edition Arrive in Britain

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Aimed at drivers who require a faster, lighter and harder GT-R, the new Track Pack Edition of Nissan's sports car has arrived in the UK. The new model carries a £10,000 (US$16,000) premium over the standard GT-R, which brings the on-the-road price to £84,450.
Currently, the GT-R Track Pack Edition is available exclusively in right-hand drive and only in the UK and Japan, but Nissan has confirmed that left-hand drive models will be offered later this year in most markets around the world except Russia, Ukraine and for the time being, North America.
On the outside, the new GT-R model rides on new six-spoke RAYS alloy wheels with gloss black centers that weigh 10kg (22 pounds) less than the standard fittings.
It also gets additional brake cooling ducts built into the new carbon front splitter that are said to reduce the operating temperature by as much 100 degrees in track use, whilst similar ducts hidden behind the rear wheels channel cooling air over the rear discs.
Inside, the first thing you will notice is the absence of the rear seats and the two new track-ready, front bucket sport seats made from fabric and leather, while there's also a Track Pack emblem on the lower part of the center console.
Under the shell, Nissan's engineers have fitted the Track Pack model with a stiffer, suspension. The Japanese automaker says that the car has been tuned for use on the track, but thanks to the adjustable dampers, drivers will be able to change the suspension for road-use at a flick of a switch.
The Track Pack doesn't include any changes to the GT-R's 542bhp (550PS in Europe) 3.8-liter V6 turbo engine with Nissan quoting the same 0-62mph (100km/h) sprint time of 2.8 seconds as the regular model.




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