Sunday, February 24, 2013

Confirmed: New 2013 Chevrolet SS in Race Car Form to be Unveiled in Late November

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Earlier today, we read a report on Speed TVsaying that Chevrolet is planning to show itsupcoming SS sedan in NASCAR Sprint Cup racecar trim on Thursday, November 29 at the Wynn Las Vegas hotel and casino.We put the question to Chevrolet spokesman Michael Albano, who confirmed the news and toldCarScoop the following:
"We will show the race car in Vegas. This will be an exciting moment for Chevrolet as we begin a new era in racing. No other details about the car or production sibling have been released yet."
As a NASCAR racer, the SS that we will see in Sin City will only borrow some styling cues from the production vehicle, in the same way thatFord's 2013 Fusion racecar bears a resemblance to the road-going model.
Chevrolet has already provided a teaser of the SS racecar, albeit fully dressed in a wrap that will surely leave you feeling dizzy after looking at it for a few seconds...
The production SS rear-wheel drive sports sedan, which is expected to be introduced sometime next year, will be a spin-off model of the next generation Holden Commodore.

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