Thursday, April 11, 2013

Iron Man 3 Approves 2014 Audi R8 in New Promo

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Just like kids who can't resist wearing an Iron Man's plastic mask, Audi too can't stop associating itself with the Marvel comics superhero and the third film in the Iron Man franchise that will see Tony Stark, played by actor Robert Downey Jr., using a battery-powered R8 e-tron coupe for his casual strolls around town.While the movie won't be out until May 3rd, Audi is using its product placement in the movie to promote the launch of the updated 2014 model year R8 that went on sale in the States today, through a new online advertisement. The funny thing about this ad is that, Audi didn't exactly created it from scratch, but instead used most of the scenes from this commercial, adding in the Iron Man references...
The 2014 R8 comes with some light cosmetic tweaks inside and out, including the use of newly styled LED headlamps and taillights, plus more importantly, the introduction of a newly available seven-speed S tronic transmission across the range that improves the 0-60 mph time by 0.3 seconds on the 550hp R8 V10 Plus.
Pricing for the refined model start from $114,900 for the V8-powered coupe and rises to $179,645 for the V10 Plus.




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