Wednesday, February 27, 2013

This is What You Get When You Let Facebook Fans Style an Aston Martin DB9

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Carmakers are using the world's largest social network, which is none other than Facebook, as a tool to engage with potential customers and brand fans alike. Even Aston Martin is giving it a go.
Beginning from last November, the British luxury automaker launched a special campaign on its Facebook page with a series of polls asking viewers to specify one of its models.
The company's fans chose the DB9 and then decided on the on all aspects of the car from the exterior wrap to the interior trim.
Once Aston Martin's page reached 1 million fans, the automaker went ahead and built the car to their specifications.
Named the DB9 1M, the one-off special sports a unique wrap called "Aero" and is fitted with 20-inch alloy wheels in a Silver Diamond finish. As for the interior, among other options, it features a two-tone Obsidian Black and Spicy Red leather treatment.
Story References: Aston Martin via Autoguide



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