Sunday, February 24, 2013

So, Does the New Ford Fusion / Mondeo's Snout Resemble that of the Aston Martin Rapide?

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A lot has been said about the styling similarities between Ford's new corporate nose and in particular, the trapezoidal grille, and the one used by the Blue Oval's former premium brand, Aston Martin, on models like the Rapide luxury sports saloon.Naturally, when the opportunity arose, Matt Farah from The Smoking Tire didn't miss out on the chance to park his black 2013 Ford Fusion(to be sold as the new Ford Mondeo in Europe and other regions) next to an Aston Martin Rapide in the same color and shoot a few pictures for us to compare.
After you check out the three shots provided by Farah on his Twitter account, make your way to our comments below and tell us what you think about the Ford vs. Aston Martin grille chatter.

Photo Credits: Mat Farah / Twitter via


aston-martin_ford-2013-fusion-mondeo-1 - Copyaston-martin_ford-2013-fusion-mondeo-2 - Copyaston-martin_ford-2013-fusion-mondeo-3 - Copy


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