Sunday, February 24, 2013

Rolls Royce Makes Some Minor Improvements to 2013 Model Year Ghost

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To some extent, even under the leadership of the BMW Group, Rolls Royce continues to believe that its cars are like a fine wine and only get better with age, which ultimately translates to long product cycles.In between new model introductions, however, Britain's most famous car manufacture subtly refines its products, which is the case for the 2013 model year Ghost that was introduced today.
Almost all updates concerns the interior sans the addition of a new forged alloy wheel option, which Rolls Royce makes it a point to say that it "can be specified alongside a palette of 44,000 exterior paint options".
The British carmaker informs us that the 2013MY Ghost's interior sports new soft, natural grain leather, complimented by cross banded wood veneers, along with an upgraded amplifier and the addition of ‘exciter’ speakers housed in the leather headlining to raise the center of sound closer to the passenger’s ear.
In addition, all 2013 models will come equipped with a new Comfort Access system, which is a convenience feature that allows the opening of the boot simply by placing one's foot under the bumper, just as long as the key is present.
Sales of the updated Ghost will commence later this fall.




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