Sunday, February 24, 2013

Renault Transforms New Dacia Logan Into the 2013 Symbol Sedan [w/Video]

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In markets where Dacia isn't active, the Renault Group offers the Romanian brand's products under its own nameplate, which is the case with the new Renault Symbol that will be given its first public airing on Friday at the Istanbul Motor Show in Turkey alongside the revamped 2013 Fluence that we told you about earlier today.Unlike the current Symbol that is based on the body and chassis of the second generation Renault Clio, the new model shifts to the Dacia Logan architecture.
The differences between the second generation of the Logan small sedan that made its world premiere in Paris at the end of September and the 2013 Renault Symbol are skin deep, or to be more precise, face deep.
The cosmetic alterations over the 2013 Logan are concentrated at the front end of the car with the Symbol gaining a re-sculptured hood along with Renault's new family grille design and a new bumper (the headlamps remain unchanged).
The latest Symbol comes with a more extensive equipment package than the car it replaces, including (but depending on version) the Renault Media Nav multimedia navigation system complete with a wide, seven-inch (18cm) touchscreen color display.
Powertrain options include Renault's new 0.9-liter TCe 90PS (89hp) turbocharged three-cylinder petrol engine that returns 5.3 liters/100km, equivalent to 122g of CO2/km, as well as two diesels, the dCi 75PS and dCi 90PS, the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of which have come down to 3.9 liters/100km and 103g/km respectively.
Renault said it plans to launch the 2013 Symbol first in Turkey at the beginning of 2013, before offering it in Algeria and Tunisia later in the year.





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