Sunday, February 24, 2013

G-Power's BMW 1 M Coupe with 591HP Supercharged V8 will Put Hair on Your Chest

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The original BMW 1 M Coupe sporting a 335hp (340PS) 3.0-liter turbocharged six is the fastest regular production 1-Series model money can get, but if you are willing to spend a small fortune, you can turn it into something much faster and far, far more brutal in every way.If you haven't done so already from our previous posting, meet G-Power's €141,176.80 (about US$181,400 at the current exchange rates) G1 V8 HURRICANE RS.
While based on the 1 M Coupe, the German tuner of wild BMWs replaced the straight-six with the M3 Coupe's 4.0-liter V8 boosted by a supercharger system that delivers 591hp (600PS) and peak torque of 580Nm (428 lb-ft).
The car is not ready for sale yet, but Sport Auto magazine's Christian Gebhardt had the opportunity to jump into the driver's seat of a pre-production prototype of the G-Power G1 V8 Hurricane RS and shared the experience through a short video.
Gebhardt notes that while the production model will have a top speed of 330km/h (205 MPH), the prototype was limited to 314km/h (195 MPH).



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