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2012 Beijing Motor Show: Super Gallery with 305 Photos

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There's no denying the growing importance of the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition or Auto China, as over the years, the show has transformed from a regional spectacle to one of the top global events in the automotive industry.
This year's edition of the Auto China hosted a variety of world premieres from both local manufactures and international brands that chose Beijing to show off tens of dozens of new production and concept cars of all sorts and sizes.
If you hop over the break, you can feast your eyes on a comprehensive gallery with high-resolution photos of many of the vehicles that broke cover at the show.


Audi A6L e-tron concept 1Audi A6L e-tron concept 2Audi A6L e-tron concept 3Audi-China-1Audi-China-2Audi-China-3Audi-China-4Audi RS Q3 Concept 1Audi RS Q3 Concept 2Audi-China-5Audi-China-6Audi-China-7Audi-China-8Audi-China-9Audi-China-10Audi-China-11Audi-China-12Audi RS Q3 Concept 3Audi RS Q3 Concept 4BAIC C50E 1BAIC C50E 2BAIC C51X 1BAIC C51X 2BAIC C60F 1BAIC C60F 2BAIC C70G 1BAIC C70G 2BAIC C70G 3BAIC C90L 1BAIC C90L 2BAIC C90L 3BAIC C90L 4Bentley-China-1Bentley-China-2Bentley-China-3Bentley-China-4Bentley-China-5BMW 3 series LWB 1BMW 3 series LWB 2BMW 328Li 1BMW 328Li 2BMW 335Li 1BMW i8 Spyder Concept 1BMW i8 Spyder Concept 2BMW i8 Spyder Concept 3BMW-China-1BMW-China-2BMW-China-3BMW-China-4BMW-China-5BMW-China-6BMW-China-7Brilliance Great China II 1Brilliance Great China II 2Brilliance Great China II 3Brilliance H230 1Brilliance H230 2Brilliance H530 1Brilliance H530 REEV 1Brilliance H530 REEV 2Brilliance H530 REEV 3BYD e6 taxi 1BYD e6 taxi 2BYD Qin 1BYD Qin 2BYD Qin 3BYD Qin 4BYD Qin 5BYD-Daimler Denza concept 1BYD-Daimler Denza concept 2Bugatti-China-#CH Auto Lithia 1CH Auto Lithia 2CH Auto Lithia 3Changan CS35 1Changan CS35 2Changan Raeton 1Changan Raeton 2Chery @ANT concept 1Chery @ANT concept 2Chery @ANT concept 3Chery @ANT concept 4Chery Cowin 5 1Chery Cowin 5 2Chery Cowin 5 3Chery Cowin 5 4Chery Riich G2 1Chery Riich G2 2Chery Riich G2 3Chery TX concept 1Chery TX concept 2Chery TX concept 3Chrysler 300C Ruyi Concept 1Chrysler 300C Ruyi Concept 2Chrysler 300C Ruyi Concept 3Citroen Numero 9 concept 1Citroen Numero 9 concept 2Citroen Numero 9 concept 3Daimler-BYD Denza 4Daimler-BYD Denza 5Daimler-BYD Denza 6FAW Besturn B90 1FAW Besturn B90 2FAW Besturn B90 3FAW Hongqi H7 1FAW Hongqi H7 2FAW Hongqi H7 3FAW Hongqi H7 4FAW Hongqi L7 1FAW Hongqi L7 2FAW Hongqi L7 3FAW Hongqi L7 4FAW Hongqi L9 1FAW Hongqi L9 2FAW NH2 concept 1FAW NH2 concept 2FAW NS2 concept 1FAW NS2 concept 2Fiat Viaggio 1Fiat Viaggio 3Fiat Viaggio 4Fiat Viaggio 5GAC Trumpchi E-linKer 1GAC Trumpchi E-linKer 2GAC Trumpchi E-linKer 3GAC Trumpchi GS5 1GAC Trumpchi GS5 2GAC Trumpchi Hybrid 1GAC Trumpchi REEV 1Geely Emgrand EX6 1Geely Emgrand EX6 2Geely Emgrand EX6 3Geely Englon SC7-RS 1Geely Englon SC7-RS 2Geely Englon SC7-RS 3Geely Englon SC7-RV 1Geely Englon SC7-RV 2Geely Englon SX6 1Geely Englon SX6 2Geely Gleagle GC6 1Geely Gleagle GC6 2Geely Mo Car concept 1Geely Mo Car concept 2Geely Mo Car concept 3Great Wall Haval E 1Great Wall Haval E 2Great Wall Haval E 3Great Wall Haval H6 1Great Wall Haval H6 2Great Wall Haval H6 3Great Wall Haval H7 1Great Wall Haval H7 2Great Wall Haval H7 3Great Wall Haval H7 4Great Wall Haval H7 5Great Wall Haval Hybrid powertrainHaima Yao 1Haima Yao 2Hawtai B11 china edition 1Hawtai B11 china edition 2Hawtai B11 EV 2Hawtai B21 2Hawtai B21 4Honda Concept C 1Honda Concept C 2Honda Concept C 3Honda Concept S 1Honda Concept S 2Honda Concept S 3Hyundai BHCD-1 concept 1Hyundai BHCD-1 concept 2Hyundai BHCD-1 concept 3Hyundai ionig concept 1Hyundai ionig concept 3Hyundai ionig concept2Infiniti M35hL 1Infiniti M35hL 2JAC Heyue SC 1JAC Heyue SC 2JAC Heyue SC 3JAC Rein II 1JAC Rein II 2JAC Rein II 3Jeep Wrangler Dragon edition 1Jeep Wrangler Dragon edition 2Jeep Wrangler Dragon edition 3Lamborghini-China-1Lamborghini-China-2Lamborghini-China-3Lamborghini-China-4Lamborghini-China-5Lamborghini-China-6Lamborghini-China-7Lamborghini-China-8Lamborghini-China-9Lamborghini-China-10Lamborghini-China-11Lamborghini Urus concept 1Lamborghini Urus concept 2Lamborghini Urus concept 3Lamborghini Urus concept 4Lamborghini Urus concept 5Lexus ES250 1Lexus ES350 1Lifan 320 1Lifan 320 2Lifan 320 3Lifan 620 1Lifan 620 2Lifan 620 3Lifan 720 1Lifan 720 2Luxgen5 1Luxgen5 2Mercedes-Benz Concept Style Coupe 1Mercedes-Benz Concept Style Coupe 2Mercedes-Benz Concept Style Coupe 4Mercedes-Benz Concept Style Coupe 5Mercedes-Benz Concept Style Coupe 6Mercedes-Benz Concept Style Coupe 7Mercedes-China-1Mercedes-China-2Mercedes-China-3Mercedes-China-4Mercedes-China-5Mercedes-China-6Mercedes-China-7Mercedes-China-8Mercedes-China-9Mercedes-China-10MG Icon 1MG Icon 2MG Icon 3Nissan Esflow 1Nissan Esflow 2Nissan Esflow 3Nissan Sylphy 1Nissan Sylphy 2Nissan Sylphy 3Nissan Sylphy 4Nissan Venucia Leaf 1Peugeot Urban Crossover concept 1Peugeot Urban Crossover concept 2Peugeot Urban Crossover concept 3Pinifarina Cambiano concept 1Pinifarina Cambiano concept 2Pinifarina Cambiano concept 3Pinifarina Cambiano concept 4Porsche-China-1Porsche-China-2Porsche-China-3Porsche-China-4Porsche Cayenne GTS 1Porsche Cayenne GTS 2Porsche Cayenne GTS 3Renault Talisman 1Renault Talisman 2Renault Talisman 3Roewe 950 1Roewe 950 2Roewe 950 3Roewe 950 4Roewe E50 1Roewe E50 2Roewe E50 3Seat-China-1Seat-China-2Toyota Dear concept hatchback 1Toyota Dear concept hatchback 2Toyota Dear concept hatchback 3Toyota Dear concept sedan 1Toyota Dear concept sedan 2Toyota Dear concept sedan 3Toyota NS4 concept 2Toyota Yundong Shuangqing concept 1Toyota Yundong Shuangqing concept 2Toyota Yundong Shuangqing concept 3Volkswagen-China-2Volkswagen-China-3Volkswagen-China-4Volkswagen-China-5Volkswagen-China-6Volkswagen-China-7Volkswagen-China-8Volkswagen-China-9Volkswagen-China-10Volkswagen-China-11Volkswagen-China-12Volkswagen-China-13Volkswagen-China-14Volkswagen-China-15Volkswagen E-Bugster concept 1Volkswagen E-Bugster concept 2Volkswagen Lavida 1Volkswagen Lavida 2Volkswagen Lavida 3Zotye T600 1Zotye T600 2Zotye T600 3Zotye Z300 1Zotye Z300 2Zotye Z300 3Zotye Z600 1Zotye Z600 2Volkswagen-China-1


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