Thursday, February 28, 2013

'Q by Aston Martin' Offers New Personalization Options to Customers, Debuts in Geneva

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After lending its name to several fictional characters including the scientific and engineering genius in the James Bond films as well the omnipotent god-like being in the Star Trek television series, the letter Q has now found a place in Aston Martin's range.
"Q by Aston Martin" is the British firm's new service that is said to bring the automaker's designers together with its engineers and craftspeople allowing customers to personalize their vehicles.
While the sample pictures of the customized Vantage Roadster and Cygnet hatchback released by Aston Martin suggest that this is the stuff we'd make fun of in our Offbeat section, it also shows the amount of personalization the company offers.
The service is for both the exterior and interior styling.
"This could extend to colour matching a Brompton bicycle to their Aston Martin, supporting the customer’s architect to design their house, or creating colour themes and materials for the interior specification of a yacht," the company said in a statement.
Aston Martin will display the customized Vantage Roadster and Cygnet at next week's Geneva Motorshow.
The Virage is finished in a bespoke Mariana Blue satin paint with an interior that includes blue carbon fibre trim, saddle leather mats, and yellow detailing, together with several special components such as a header mounted track-day HD video camera, and what looks like a band-aid at first but is in fact a luggage rack on the boot, plus new diamond turned wheels.
The Cygnet hatchback features a non-edible Cherry Tree raspberry paint with a kestrel tan interior incorporating specially developed photographic leather headlining, a tailor made three piece luggage set and a color-matched Brompton bicycle.




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