Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ferrari Video Teases 599 Replacement, Says it will be its Most Powerful Model Ever

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On Wednesday, February 29, Ferrari will finally lift the covers off the replacement for its 599 GTB Fiorano supercar that has been in production since 2006.In order to create some buzz and get us excited about a car that most of us will only get the opportunity to drive around the virtual tracks of GT5 and Forza, the Italian automaker published a teaser video that includes some scenes with a covered up prototype.
The Maranello-based company also confirms previous reports that the as of yet unnamed replacement for the 599 will be "the most powerful Ferrari ever", which means that its FF-sourced direct-injection V12 engine will produce more than the 660-horsepower it does on the four-seater model.
For now, check out the video below and stay tuned for more updates.



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