Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Porsche Shows Off 918 Spyder at Gran Turismo Nürburgring Evo 2012

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Porsche is done hiding its forthcoming 918 Spyder supercar and is now looking to gain as much exposure as it can by displaying the hybrid model at select venues like the Gran Turismo Nürburgring Evo 2012 two-day driving event that took place in Germany this past weekend.
The Stuttgart-based sportscar maker unveiled a pre-production development model of the 918 Spyder dressed in a race-inspired livery on the last day of the event.
The new range topping Porsche model features a plug-in hybrid powertrain linking mid-mounted 4.6-liter V8 to an electric motor on each axle for a total system output of more than 760 horses.
Porsche has said first deliveries of the 918 Spyder will arrive late next year with U.S. prices excluding destination and handling fees starting at $845,000, and in Europe from €645,000, subject to VAT and country-specific charges.
Video Credits: M5board/YouTube
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