Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bmw i8

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bmw i8 information and images
Finally bmw decided to production of bmw i8 concept car.
bmw i8 car is a hybride car.the bmw i8 has three cylinder petrol engine. i8 has 7.2 kwh lithium-iron battery pack whitch delivers an all electric range of 35km or 22mi.

bmw i8 concept images
bmw i8 side view

bmw i8 on road

bmw i8 side view

bmw i8 primary specifications:

manufacturer :- bmw
production :- leipzing
class :- sports car,grand tourer
body :- coupe
engine :- 1.5 liter,3 cylinder petrol
electric motor :- 96kw
battery :- 7.2 kwh lithium-iron battery
length :- 4,600 mm or 182in
width :- 2,000mm or 77in
height :- 1,300mm or 50in
weight :- 1,500kg or 3,300lb

bmw i8 price
The price of bmw i8 concept is over 100,000 euros.   

bmw i8 at showroom
 bmw i8 concept
bmw i8 in white

bmw i8
 bmw i8 back view
bmw i8
 bmw i8 front view
bmw i8

bmw i8 interior

bmw i8 side view

Bmw i8 concept car is act in mission impossible movie.
mission impossible bmw 

Rs 1,50,00,000


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